Projeto Codeby: Conheça o projeto internacional da Miriade

Codeby Project: Meet Miriade's international project

Miriade is a leading brand in licensing leather goods to famous brands, which in a short time has expanded its operation from Italy to other parts of the world, also growing in variety in its product line.

Since 1997, the brand has been serving a heterogeneous clientele with fashionable, cost-effective accessories.


Miriade was planning to start online sales. The brand sought our assistance to develop a modern online store, focused on user experience. The project needed to be modern and use the best practices in the market, all this to meet the essence of the brand that always strives for quality and unique experiences.

The project

One of the main objectives of this project was to create a pleasant user experience, both visually and in the way the site is navigated. Thinking about mobile access, the project development was mobile-first, besides focusing on performance techniques to ensure better performance to the site accesses on desktop and mobile.

The development

For this project, the chosen platform was VTEX, using the new platform technology for store development, VTEX IO. This choice allowed our team to create applications with customized functionalities for the brand, as well as a faster and more efficient development of the store structure.

The biggest challenge of this project was the creation of customized components such as Filters, Checkout and especially the customization of native VTEX components, which required teamwork from our team, along with the VTEX team. This was essential for the project's finalization to be a success.

Besides these components, our team developed for VTEX IO technology the Store Locator functionality that consists of a store locator and selector, giving the user options on how he wants to receive his purchase. The application is integrated with Google Maps, making it easy to visualize the location of the brand's stores that are searched on the site.

miriade store locator

Our team also developed a new modal, called Country indentifier, which is used to automatically identify from which country the customer is accessing the site and if necessary make changes. This modal was very important for the brand's internationalization project.

modal country indentifier miriade

Thinking about the site experience, we also developed a Custom header, which changes color when the mouse cursor scrolls the page. And the Accordion PDP, to display the information and content of the site's pages in a more pleasant way to the user.


"It was a great pleasure working with the Codeby team. Always very agile and willing to solve any problem in the best possible way. The project was amazing and reflects all the care and affection that the team put into it. " - Sofia Diaz

The new e-commerce of Miriade in Italy is full of all the care that the brand has in sharing unique experiences with its customers. A high-tech online store that used the best techniques of performance, UX and UI, and the creation of features that contributed to the peculiarities of the brand's business.

With the e-commerce, the brand has already doubled the site's organic traffic, besides having a site suitable for mobile devices and with minimal loading times, of only 1 second on desktop and 2 seconds on mobile.

A project that had as its essence team work, dedication, and attention to detail.

You can check the result at

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