Entenda como as promoções podem alavancar as vendas do seu e-commerce

Understand how promotions can boost your e-commerce sales

The rise of e-commerce will represent about 11% of all retail trade in Brazil by 2021, according to a survey by Brazilian Chamber of Digital Economy. Thus, more and more companies are seeking to stand out in the market and are opening their e-commerce businesses to meet this growing demand and expand their revenues.

O e-commerce is widely used nowadays as a support sales support channel in many cases with the potential to become the main channel for revenue generation. For this it is necessary to understand all the immediacy of interaction, engagement, and direct sales that these digital channels can influence retail.

The idea is that in the future e-commerce be treated as a feature within the digital channels and not the most important medium.

For the consumer, before the crisis there was already a search for differentiated experiences that were positive, influenced especially by good service, relationship, and communication of the sales platforms.

Despite the flexibilization of face-to-face activities, the electronic commerce shows itself firm in the preference of consumersIn other words, they found greater convenience in this alternative, not only within the pandemic distancing scenario, but also in their daily lives.

In other words, e-commerce has become a vital strategy for the future.. But being present in the digital environment is not the only challenge retailers face. Time has also become a decisive factor in seizing business opportunities.

In order to achieve satisfactory results, it is necessary to develop a smart intelligent digital strategyIn order to achieve results in a satisfactory manner, it is necessary to achieve an intelligent digital strategy, offering experiences that can centralize information in a complete and structured digital environment for the user.

Learn about the different promotions that you can apply in your e-commerce

It is important to adapt not only in moments of crisis, as it happened in the pandemic. What is correct is to say that it is necessary to innovateand omnichannel is all about strategy to revamp your businessthinking about customer satisfaction.

Bringing strategies with well thought out promotions is part of innovation on behalf of higher sales. Check out some types of promotions that can be applied in e-commerce:

  • Progressive Discount

This type of promotion can be used to assign a percentage discount for a certain quantity of products added to the cart.

Creating a more attractive perspective, your store can set conditions for the purchase of 2 items for the customer to earn a percentage discount.

Progressive discounts are widely used to increase the average shopping cart ticket and works very well to increase conversion rates.

  • Buy Together

One of the most used strategies in e-commerce, for sure is the matched purchase, also known as "Buy Together"This is because it is an excellent ally in the growth of a brand's sales.

The Buy Together is widely used to give discounts for two or more complementary products when bought together or for similar products from the same collection.

In practice, the Buy Together is made available as a field on the product page or promotional area of a site page, showing users one or more purchase options related to the product in question.

  • Buy and Win

This type of promotion is interesting for unlocking psychological behaviors in consumers who prefer to choose free options over discount promotions.

It is often used to offer two products for the price of one, offer free shipping on the purchase of specific products or a free gift when the product of the promotion is purchased.

Either way, Buy and Win is a positive factor in increasing conversion rates and decreasing cart abandonment rates by making the product more attractive to shoppers.

Free Shipping Day

O Free Shipping Day is one of the most important promotional dates after Consumer Day and is considered by retailers as the second biggest sales opportunity for e-commerce in the first half of the year.

Offering free shipping is one of the most used strategies by retailers to decrease cart abandonment ratesOne of the main breaches of customer expectations that lead to giving up are the high values, especially when they are only informed at the closing of the order or are close to the value of the product itself.

Thus, Free Shipping Day is also an excellent occasion to retain customers, increase conversion rates, attract new customers, and, of course, decrease cart abandonment rates.

But remember that promotions for specific campaigns need to be very well planned and be directed to a specific target audience, have determined the duration, recurrence and restrictions of your promotions to make your action profitable. In addition to being part of a creative communication strategy that speaks to your audience.

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