Saiba os prós e contras de optar pela plataforma VTEX IO

Learn the pros and cons of choosing the VTEX IO platform

VTEX IO is the new technology of the VTEX platform, which aims to create themes and custom applications for online stores.

With the proposal to simplify the development of an e-commerce site, the future replacement of the VTEX CMS is real and will be applied gradually, since it seeks to bring more ease to the shopkeeper and the development team.

Speaking of facilities, through VTEX IO it is possible to make store extensions that before, only through "gambiarras". An example of this is the option of blogs that greatly improve the SEO of an online store. In addition, integration with third party systems is now simpler to do and maintain.

Read on and find out the benefits and drawbacks of working with this new technology and if it is right for your business. Enjoy your reading!


There are benefits beyond the ease and customization that the new technology proposes to deliver. In researches for our performance tool, we identified that stores that use VTEX IO have a considerably better performance than others in the market, including VTEX CMS.

Back to facilities, managing your store is also simpler, since the admin panel is intuitive and organized by business categories. The new Admin Panel uses the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) concept where everything you can edit and configure is visible on the screen.

The updates for VTEX IO are even more eye-catching, besides being recurrent and exclusive to the new platform, they add value to businesses that operate online and offline.

It is impossible not to compare the number of updates between the two technologies present in VTEX and not to comment that VTEX CMS receives few updates currently, a clear maneuver to stimulate the use of IO by retailers.

By stimulating, the possibility of being extremely extensible, the VTEX IO technology can end up generating countless opportunities for businesses that are looking for scalability and/or channel integration, as well as more freedom in creating and developing custom applications for the most varied objectives. It is a platform that gives the retailer horizon to work with.


Despite the numerous possibilities that the platform delivers, one of the biggest difficulties currently are the high costs to develop a project on VTEX IO.

This is because the platform is in the process of expansion in the market, and there are still few professionals who can effectively work with the new technology. Despite this, there are experts who have been around since the beginning of the new technology and can easily work with VTEX IO.

As is the case of us at Codeby, who work together with the VTEX team to create complete projects in VTEX IO, as well as using the technology to produce new applications and features.


VTEX IO is recommended for businesses that want to expand the possibilities in the market, aiming for scalability. In addition, it is exceptionally suited for those who are looking to invest in cutting edge technology for their e-commerce and improve organic performance through performance and SEO.

VTEX is investing heavily in IO, through a cutting edge technology that will be mature in less than 1 year in our market.

It is worth mentioning that the investment to develop a store with VTEX IO is not small but it will be of great value for your growth in the market.

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