Quais os custos de não migrar sua plataforma de e-commerce

What are the costs of not migrating your e-commerce platform

Migrating your e-commerce platform is fundamental for it to keep up with the growth of your business. After all, as we have already mentioned in the article "How to migrate your e-commerce platform without problemsto move towards new challenges and achieve sales success, it is essential that the platform of your online store is suitable for this.

However, as we know, the migration process can be a real headache if not well planned. The idea of having to transfer the virtual store to another platform makes some retailers afraid and, consequently, they end up choosing not to migrate.

Maybe this is your case and this is where the mistake comes in.

By choosing not to migrate platforms, you lose ample opportunities, even if in the short term it may not seem like it. In the long run, however, the cost-benefit is quite negative. What clearly makes the effort to migrate worthwhile is that the results will be a great return on investment when you rely on the right technology solutions.

Here are some of the costs of not migrating your e-commerce platform.


Every online business tends to grow organically as its performance and brand recognition increases in the market. So if you don't see the need to scale your site, this may indicate that you are stagnating and have no expectations of improvement.

Always remember that by having scalability in your e-commerce site, you also have the potential to grow exponentially.

Also, during uncontrollable traffic spikes (such as during large retail events like Black Friday), not having the proper infrastructure in place to automatically scale at these times can cause your site to experience problems.

As a result, the chances of losing revenue, as well as having your brand reputation negatively affected and customers choosing to buy elsewhere, are really high.


For your online store to stand out among so many competitors, you need to understand that prices are no longer the only differentiator. Nowadays, every detail or extra that offers a new experience to customers counts for a lot. That is why it is important to customize the UX (User Experience) and the UI (User Interface) of your store.

Moreover, the design should also be flexible enough to support alignment with your brand identity and thus deliver personalized experiences.

It should also support different functions, making the shopping journey exciting and unique with: loyalty programs, wish lists, referrals, and more.


To ensure that your e-commerce works smoothly, internally, and openly, it is necessary that all the systems used in the e-store are integrated with each other.

They must work in conjunction with the platform. For example: the order management system (OMS), the inventory management system (WMS), the content management system (CMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), third-party logistics systems (3PL), or the all-important payment methods.

Omnichannel operation

Even with the growing preference for shopping in digital channels, the truth is that consumers are omnichannel. Therefore, companies should be too, because the ideal is that on and off channels are connected to offer a complete shopping experience.

And migration helps exactly to make this integration happen, putting you in all the places that sell products: your website, websites of other brands (marketplaces), applications, physical stores, messaging applications, social networking platforms, etc.

In other words, if the customer wants - for whatever reason - to leave the checkout on the computer and continue with the purchase over the cell phone, he will be able to continue exactly where he left off. Or, if he wants, he has the option of placing an order online to pick up directly at the physical store.

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To migrate or not to migrate?

Migrating your e-commerce platform, as we've talked about throughout the article, can open up a world of possibilities for your online store and help it grow like never before.

Having a map of your entire site, counting on the guidance of an IT professional and making a good plan are the initial steps for you to be able to migrate without problems.

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