Qual a diferença de Marketplace In e Marketplace out

What is the difference between Marketplace In and Marketplace out?

You may have read or heard the terms marketplace in or marketplace out and wondered what they mean for a business. And although they both carry the essence of the marketplace, they are totally different things.

In today's article, we'll talk about the difference of Marketplace In and Marketplace Out strategies and how they are applied in the marketplace.

What is Marketplace Out?

This is the most used strategy when the subject is marketplaceIt consists in selling products in third-party channels that are more consolidated in the retail market, due to the ease of implementation of the strategy, which despite needing to follow rules established by the marketplace, still brings many advantages to the retailer.

Among the advantages is the exemption of investment in technology, since the shopkeeper uses the structure of another site. In addition, visibility in the channel is greater if compared to an e-commerce site, for example, because investments in media, advertising and marketing in general tend to be higher, favoring the retailer even with fierce competition.

To integrate this strategy into your business, you need to research what you would like to marketplaces' audience that you would like to be selling, to avoid low conversions due to not meeting the needs of the public of that channel. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fees and conditions to operate on marketplaces.

Nowadays, there are already hubs that mediate this bureaucratic part and even allow you to use management systems or even organize your activities on several marketplaces.

E-commerce platforms are also working on integrated commerce solutions, as is the case with VTEX platformthat has interesting solutions for its customers who want to integrate their e-commerces with marketplaces such as Americanas, Amazon, Magalu, among others.

What is marketplace in?

The marketplace In strategy is still in the process of becoming popular, but last year several companies found in this strategy a way to increase sales and even digital transformation.

Unlike the marketplace Out, this strategy consists in bringing new sellers to your e-commerce and selling third-party products, transforming your current operation into a marketplace.

Many brands have been betting on this strategy to generate additional revenue, through commission on sales, as well as increasing their product mix and even working with different categories in e-commerce.

The advantages of adopting this strategy is the significant increase in traffic and greater delivery coverage, since the logistics can be tied to the seller itself. In addition, it is possible to work with specific niches or even innovate the process, as the shopping mallsintegrating the offline with the online.

For this strategy, the shopkeeper can also count on the VTEX platform, which has a complete structure for collaborative commerce. The structuring of the marketplace can be done within the store's admin, as well as the management of the channel. In addition, VTEX VTEX platform has a network environment where logisticians can find marketplaces and vise versa, to build a partnership.

Here at Codeby, we have already developed projects using this strategy, as is the case of Extrafarma that integrates its physical stores to e-commerce, or Ideal Body that transformed its e-commerce into a niche marketplace and increased its product mix.

VTEX Marketplace Implementation Guide

We have prepared this e-book in partnership with VTEX, as a basic guide for the implementation of a marketplace, using the technologies of the VTEX platform.

In addition to understanding the concept of marketplace and its growing role in the online marketplace, we will teach you step-by-step how to start selling in partner marketplaces and how to set up your own environment for sales from other sellers.

Download the marketplace guide now

There are many success stories of brands that have integrated the marketplace into their sales strategy. Learn more about them by accessing our cases page.

And if you like and would like to talk to specialists, our team is at your disposal. Get in touch and see the conditions.

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