Recuperar carrinho abandonado: 5 dicas para aumentar a conversão

Recovering an abandoned cart: 5 tips to increase conversion

Does your e-commerce site suffer from high cart abandonment rates? The story is always the same: the customer spends long periods researching various products, adds to the cart, makes the registration, but instead of completing the purchase, leaves the page, goes researching other things and ends up leaving the purchase for later. Or, worse, not even return!

This situation is more common than you think, and may be jeopardizing the success of your online store. With that in mind, in today's article we will present 5 tips to recover abandoned carts and increase conversion. Check them out!

1. improve the shopping process

When entering an online store, the customer intends to solve a problem, in this case, buying something he needs. To do this, he needs to be sure that he is in a safe environment that he can trust.

In this sense, a professional store needs to maintain contact data, such as address and phone number, as well as an online chat tool and all active security features.

Also, to keep the customer satisfied, make it clear that the shopping process can be simpler and less bureaucratic. Disclose all the payment methods accepted, the shipping options, and inform if the service can be free in some situations (such as purchases over a certain amount, for example).

The idea here, as in physical stores, is to offer comfort and convenience to buyers. Therefore, even if it is not a good option for data collection, also offer purchase alternatives without registration. This generates agility and speed for the customer to complete the process.

2. Create Monitoring Processes

In order to understand well the reasons why customers abandon the shopping cart and think of solutions, it is necessary to monitor all the user's behavior online.

Today there are some tools that can identify exactly at what point the customer gave up the purchase. From this data, you can think of strategies to make the user experience more pleasant and prevent them from giving up.

3. Bet on E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the main strategies to recover an abandoned cart. However, for this measure to work, you must follow a few steps:

  • always address the customer by name, this will count points in your favor, since it shows that you are attentive to the user's path to purchase;
  • Present dynamic content, i.e. the items that were left in the cart. If possible, create a direct link to checkout;
  • create a periodicity of e-mails and send the reminder at least three times after the purchase attempt;
  • bet on the client's sense of urgency he/she will feel tempted when reading phrases such as "this is your last chance to have the product of your dreams", for example.

4. Use Remarketing

Remarketing is used to remind the customer of the purchase that is in the cart, because many times he forgets the store where he saw the product or, because it is not something of extreme necessity, he leaves the product aside, and he ends up getting lost.

This strategy can be used by e-mail or through sponsored ads on other Internet channels, such as social networks or pop-ups on websites and blogs.

5. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Finally, another way to recover abandoned purchases is to offer exclusive discounts to the buyer. A discount coupon or free shipping offer are good chances to convince the buyer to resume the order and finalize the purchase.

Well, with all these tips, recovering abandoned carts becomes simpler and at the same time you build customer loyalty and ensure the success of your e-commerce! And now, if you liked this post, take a moment to learn more about how to increase conversion in your e-commerce store.

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