ShopBy: Como esta ferramenta poderá ajudar seu negócio a vender durante a crise

ShopBy: How this tool can help your business to sell during the crisis

Selling via WhatsApp has become an affordable solution for many businesses during the crisis we are experiencing, due to the proximity you can have with your clientele. The messaging app has been gaining so much space that about 80% of companies are already considering using it as a sales channel.

If you want to start selling through WhatsApp, you should know that there are tools that help you manage orders, optimize the way you sell through the channel, and even provide a much more organized structure for you to increase your sales. This is the case with ShopBy, a solution to make sales even more efficient. In this article, you will learn how this tool can help your business sell using WhatsApp, and continue generating revenue even in the midst of the crisis.

What is ShopBy?

ShopBy is an application for stores that use or would like to use WhatsApp as a sales channel. The proposal is to share the stock of physical stores through a virtual storefront, where shopkeepers can manage sales and orders made in stores in their network and customers can place orders via WhatsApp.

The application is also aimed at the needs of franchises and physical stores that need to increase their sales, using a direct channel with their customers and increasing the reach of their brand through a sharing network that is based on word-of-mouth marketing.

Why use this solution in your business?

ShopBy was initially created for a momentary market need. In the midst of the pandemic and social isolation, many physical stores had to close and look for ways to continue generating revenue in the midst of the crisis.

We noticed a trend in the use of messaging applications, where many local stores / large chain stores continued to serve customers in the region through telesales.

We decided to create a solution that enhances the customer experience, optimizes management at the chain and franchise levels, and even allows the brand to increase conversion by offering more options.

What are ShopBy's functionalities?

When you start using the application, you can create a custom link for each store that wants to use WhatsApp sales. In this link the shopkeeper will be able to register the stock of products and later sell through sharing the link.

Upon receiving the link, the customer will be able to browse through registered product categories and order one or more products from one or more categories in your store. All products of interest to the customer are added to a list and then sent to the sales team of the chosen store.

It works basically like an e-commerce, where you have the product shelf, categories and product page, but applied in a simpler and customized way for the dynamics of whatsapp sales.

What are the advantages of the application?

  • Optimizes management at the network and franchise levels
  • Expands the shopping experience through WhatsApp
  • Increases conversion by offering more options
  • Possibility to share store stock
  • Possibility for the client to browse by product category

ShopBy was launched in May 2020 and already has more than 56 stores using this solution to sell efficiently through WhatsApp. You can learn more about the tool by visiting ShopBy's website.

If you prefer, contact our team to receive a demonstration of the tool and learn more about how it works. We will be happy to help your business sell more.

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