Saiba por que iniciar uma operação online pode impactar positivamente seu negócio

Learn why starting an online operation can positively impact your business

With the advance of technology, and the continuous presence of the internet in our lives, the economic market has undergone some changes. The easy access to products and services has been changing consumption habits and generating more opportunities for businesses that venture into online sales.

There are countless benefits to taking your business digital, among them is the ease of reaching a considerably larger and more diverse audience, since geographical barriers are practically non-existent online.

Are you still in doubt whether going online is a good alternative for your business? We have listed some reasons for you not to waste any more time and expand your business.

1º Your clients are on the internet

According to a study done by CETIC in 2018, about 67% (which represents about 46.5 million) of the Brazilian population has access to the internet in the country.

This figure is closely linked to the more affordable acquisition of devices such as Smartphones and tablets making the increase in internet access natural. The study pointed out that about 56% of people access the internet exclusively through their mobile devices.

It is easy to see that this is a lot of people, isn't it? And many of them are your clients or consumers interested in the services and products you offer. Your business being online gives you the opportunity to get closer to your public, create relationships between your brand and the consumer, and sell a lot more.

2º Your competitors are also on the internet

There are thousands of brands selling and promoting their products and services on the internet, including your competitors. Being online is no longer something revolutionary; it has become a necessity for companies that want to grow in their segments.

And this does not only involve selling, but also being present. A survey conducted by Provokers revealed that 94% of consumers search the Internet for the product they want before buying, and many of these users buy online if they find interesting conditions.

Being present in this moment of need increases the chances of the consumer doing business with your brand. Your competitor has probably already understood that the internet is also a way to stay competitive in the market.

3º Your business can work 24 hours a day

Who has a virtual store, can sell their products, offer information, be in constant contact with the client, all this without worrying about ending the day's workday.

Online your business can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without needing an online person all the time.

Nowadays many of the processes in an e-commerce are automatic and follow a well-structured standard process that, together with your logistics and administration, can deliver a great experience to the client.

You still have the option to add your sales channels and integrate physical stores and online through alternative delivery systems, as is the case of the Pickup that allows the customer to buy online and pick up in one of your physical stores (And so know more about your brand and products) can generate even more offline sales.

4º You can increase your sales

According to Nielsen, the Brazilian e-commerce grew 12% in 2019, about R$26.4 billion only in the first half of the year. The increase was due to new consumers (about 18%) who made their first experiences in e-commerce and also, the consolidation of the sales channel in the important seasonal dates for commerce.

Much of this growth is due to consumers' demand for convenience. But also, by the flexibility and reach that a business has in selling online. After all, the opportunities to reach new audiences inside and outside the country are endless.

The biggest advantage of the Internet is the reach your business can have, reaching new audiences, new regions, and even internationalizing your operations. Add the reach with the flexibility of being always available, and imagine how much your revenue can grow. Many possibilities, isn't it?

5º Having an online store fits in your pocket

Most entrepreneurs who are not yet online are afraid of betting on online sales because they think that creating a site or promoting the company requires a very high budget, and this is not true.

In the market, there are cost-effective platforms for startups that allow you to start online operations, integrate your sales channels, and manage everything in one place.

There are also ways to start an online store with professional design without spending too much, such as ready-made templates that allow your store to have the ideal structure, a sophisticated and customized design according to your brand and still follow the best practices of e-commerce .

So it doesn't matter the size of your business or how much you have to invest. There are several ways for your brand to be online and have positive impacts on your business.

Did you like today's article? Are there still doubts if an online operation can be good for your business? Let us know.

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