As novas tecnologias SaaS como solução para o e-commerce

New SaaS technologies as a solution for e-commerce

As the years go by, new ways of operating in the market emerge, making room for new business models and innovative technologies, as is the case with headless commerce, which is a type of structure that has been widely used by renowned e-commerce platforms in the market.

For this reason, renowned e-commerce platforms such as VTEX and Shopify have been investing in more efficient solutions to take headless commerce to the next level, with new technologies that benefit merchants, developers, and technology professionals alike.

In this e-book, our team of experts brings the main points of the new technologies for Headless Commerce, FastStore from VTEX and Hydrogen from Shopify, showing the possibilities of each solution and the benefits for the shopkeeper who chooses to carry out his project with one of these tools. You will find topics on:

  • The new SaaS technologies and Headless Commerce as a solution for e-commerce;
  • FastStore and Hydrogen as a solution for e-commerce;
  • FastStore as a solution on VTEX;
  • Hydrogen as a solution on Shopify;
  • Advantages offered by VTEX FastStore and Shopify Hydrogen.

Read the comparison between FastStore and Hydrogen here!

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