O App Delirec inicia seu próprio marketplace no nicho de cozinha e culinária

App Delirec starts its own marketplace in the kitchen and cooking niche

Delirec is a recipe sharing social network that seeks to build the largest cooking platform ever, delivering a complete experience for its users.

The mobile app brings together people who are passionate about cooking, being able to save and share their creations and recipes, as well as follow their friends and favorite chefs and keep up with new recipes.

The Delirec App is constantly evolving, and will soon have cooking classes with professionals in the gastronomy area, gastronomic contests, and new functionalities to make the experience more and more complete.

The scenario

Many niche brands have been betting on the marketplace in order to generate additional revenue, through commission on sales, as well as increasing their product mix and even working with different categories in e-commerce.

Delirec is focusing on becoming the most complete culinary platform ever, that's why introducing the brand to the marketplace market was such an important step, so Delirec sought our assistance to develop their first niche marketplace which would also be integrated with the brand's mobile app.

The project

The technology chosen for the project was VTEX platformwhich has fully integrated commerce and OMS solutions, besides having a complete structure for marketplace and collaborative commerce. The structuring of the marketplace can be done within the store's admin, as well as the management of the channel. In addition, the VTEX platform has a network environment where logisticians can find marketplaces and vice versa, to build partnerships.

The new site was developed with a focus on clean code to facilitate store maintenance and positively impact e-commerce performance in metrics related to loading time.

In addition to using native VTEX components for most of the store, our team performed the SSO Login integration, allowing Delirec and VTEX to use the same login data for all store accesses in a secure and transparent manner for the consumer.

We implemented customized functionalities such as Buy Together, the famous buy together that shows the consumer products that are normally bought together. To meet the marketplace structure, the Buy Box Multi Seller was indispensable since it allows some components of the store to show products from other sellers, creating a list of different store options for the same product.

Our architecture team also worked on a technology solution that integrated the store logins and Delirec's Mobile App, since the marketplace would be rendered via webview, keeping all the transparency in the user's login.

The result

The Delirec marketplace went live in just 2 months after the beginning of the project development, delivering a fully performant site integrated with the Mobile App where users can navigate through both environments without difficulty.

The marketplace structure also already has several sellers of the kitchenware niche, thanks to the structure of the VTEX platform that enables collaborative commerce.

In performance analysis we could see great results in the main metrics, such as Indexation Speed with loading time of 0.8 seconds, First content loading in 0.6 seconds and Largest Contentful Paint loading in 1.0 seconds. In addition, the site has an SEO score of 83 and best practices with a maximum score.

You can check the results at https://www.delirecstore.com/

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