ASapatilha lança loja online com ambiente unificado entre suas marcas de calçados

ASapatilha launches online store with unified environment between its footwear brands

A sapatilha is a footwear brand created in 2014 by sisters Ana Claudia and Ana Beatriz, who started the first stores of the brand in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais. Soon the company grew and created the second brand of the group, with children's shoes and collections for mothers and daughters.

The brand bets on creating timeless children's shoes and sneakers and following the most varied fashion trends, all based on the comfort of its customers. That is why its footwear is elaborated based on the different foot shapes and perceptions of comfort, be it ballerina, tulip, astromelia, and camellia.

Currently, the shoe company serves all of Brazil with its online store, and PineapplePetit is also present in the national and international markets with online stores in England and the United States.

The scenario

In recent years we have seen many brands joining online commerce in their sales strategies, which has made the market move and increased competition among niche brands.

While companies that were not yet online entered these channels with the digital transformation, brands that already had an established presence began to invest in optimizing their channels and delivering the best possible experience to their customers.

The project

It was seeking to deliver a quality experience to its customers that ASapatilha sought our assistance to develop its new e-commerce that focused not only on a great user experience, but high performance and optimized purchase journey.

The technology chosen for the project was VTEX platformwhich has fully integrated commerce, marketplace and OMS solutions and even allows greater customization and scalability for the brand that already operates in international markets.

The project's highlight was the unified environment that allows the client to visit both brands' sites in the same environment, making changes to the homepage and menu. This way, by clicking on the brand's logo the customer can navigate between the stores without loading new pages or accessing another site.

ambiente unificado asapatilha

ambiente unificado asapatilha/ananas

Our team carried out the development of a mobile friendly site, with fully responsive banners and images besides adding some plugins aimed at optimizing the site's navigation, such as:

Smart Research: We optimized the site's search for the user to have access to more complete results about categories, size or product, without the need to reload the page.

Smart minicart: The customer is informed about freight calculation, discount coupons or stock status just by consulting their cart.

The product page has very specific filters, facilitating the user experience when choosing products by color, material, model, among others. It also has a size bar that filters all products that have the size selected by the user.

 página de produto asapatilha

The result

Asapatilha's e-commerce was developed and went live in only 30 days. The project focused on user experience and performance, so in the analysis we could see good results in metrics such as First Contentful Paint loading in 0.7 seconds, Speed Index in only 1.9 seconds with a score above 90 in SEO optimization.

The result you can check at

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