LGPD: Conheça a ferramenta que irá ajudar na conformidade com a lei geral de proteção de dados

LGPD: Learn about the tool that will help you comply with the General Data Protection Law

The cookie policies of all the sites will have to adapt to the new practices that the LGPD proposed. Get to know the tool that can help you with the adaptation of these policies.

The rules of the new data protection law are already in force since August 2020, it is necessary to start thinking about how the compliance will be carried out in your company, especially after the changes in data handling within your company, even more after the publication of the rules for the application of fines. The work may require time, since it is expected the creation of new processes, areas and in some cases the hiring of professionals specialized in data processing.

It is not a change that is made in 45 minutes of the second time, it takes planning and the creation of a structure that will be part of the corporate processes. So, even with the extended validity, starting to worry about finding solutions for data treatment will free you from doing everything in a hurry and making mistakes that can generate penalties.

One way to start is to find companies or even tools that can automate some processes, as is the case of cookies policy that needs special attention since it meets one of the pillars of the new law: That of data use consent.

If you have a website, you automatically make use of your own cookies, which ensures a better functioning and user experience. And you also make use of third-party cookies, which are from applications, or systems integrated into your site that allow everything to work as it should, but in return, track or collect information from users. With the new law, just telling the user about the existence of these cookies in an available policy on your site is no longer enough. It is necessary for the user to grant consent to the use of cookies and trackers and to have the freedom to refute the use of their data.

With this need came on the market platforms such as LGPDYthat allows to manage the consent and maintenance of the cookie policy to be in compliance with LGPD regulations.

LGPDY is a platform that offers solutions for control over the cookies and trackers policy used on most websites. The proposal is to be transparent with users through consent to use cookies.

For consent to be given, the platform allows creating a customized notification plugin that appears whenever a user accesses the site, thus communicating about the use of cookies and requesting consent. If the user chooses not to use cookies, LGPDY automatically blocks cookies from the site until the user gives consent.

In addition, the platform performs automatic monitoring checks to report new tracking and tracking uses of the site.

If the user later chooses not to share their data with the company, the platform provides a data removal form that when completed, removes the data from the base registered with the platform.

Teste grátis a plataforma LGPDY

A LGPDY is a platform launched in February 2020 by Codeby and has affordable plans for all types of internet domains. If you are interested in getting to know the tool, you can perform a free trial of the features and only then purchase the plan that best fits your needs.

How is your company's data handling changing, have you started to worry about LGPD compliance?

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