Dia dos namorados Como o consumidor pretende comemorar

Valentine's Day: How do consumers plan to celebrate?

In times of social isolation, creativity is essential for people to continue celebrating special dates, be it through video calls, through different activities with people who live together, or simply by sending some unpretentious gift.

Because it is a more romantic date, the celebration of Valentine's Day becomes challenging, since the activities most often performed during the date will have to wait until next year. The good news is that many people intend to give gifts to their loved ones, and many of these purchases will be made online, which increases the revenue expectations for this year.

In this article we will talk about some aspects of the consumer's purchase intention for this date, taking into account the current world scenario. The data comes from a survey conducted by Social Miner and Opinion Box in this first semester, with more than 1000 Brazilians.

How the celebration will be

Market expectations are high since in 2019 the date had a turnover of R$2.2 billion, but how are consumers' expectations?

According to a survey, 57.80% are willing to celebrate the date with their partners, it is interesting to mention that most of these people are married or live with their partners, which facilitates the time to plan some activity together, such as making a special meal.

The way couples are planning to celebrate brings the good news that about 31.80% intend to buy a gift in an e-commerce, which already excites many businesses that are waiting for the date to increase their revenues.

However, it is necessary to ensure a good buying experience to the customer, ensure acceptable deadlines, stock of the most popular products, special shipping conditions, and payment alternatives are some points to pay attention to, since they are factors that can generate dissatisfaction and give up the purchase.

The intention to give as a gift

The intention is great, about 67.20% of people want to give gifts to their partners and some of the chosen categories had an increase in the purchase intention, taking into account last year's edition.

Despite fashion and accessories being a very popular category (about 47.40%), the highlight of this edition will be the demand for electronics and computers. Compared to last year, the purchase intention increased by almost 9%, totaling an interest of 29.6% of consumers. Another category that also stands out for the increase in purchase intentions is Beauty and Cosmetics.

Gift vouchers will also be well sought after by those who are unsure about choosing a product online or have never made an online purchase. Another good way to help the public with this profile is to create price segmentations, product indications according to taste, segmentations by size or type of product. This will make it easier for people who still don't know what to give their partners.

Where will the shopping be done?

With social isolation, people are opting for online commerce, including those who have never shopped online. One factor taken into consideration for these first-time consumers is to ensure safe shopping, so the trend is that these people should turn to brands they already know or have heard positive reports about.

An interesting data is that 58.20% of these people will search or make purchases on the brands' own websites, where it is worth working on ways to convey the security that your business guarantees, through certificates, secure connections, communicating with the customer at each step of the purchase, make this first experience comfortable.

Another 45.50% intend to use search engines like Google to search for products, which is a good opportunity to work with paid ads, making strategic use of key words for the date.

Even people who have shopped online before are looking for security and this reinforces the preference for shopping in usual stores and even marketplaces, which can be an opportunity for smaller businesses since they are usually well known, which ends up generating a more reliable image for the consumer.

What we can conclude:

The current situation we are living has caused a change in people's routine and consumption habits. We saw that this Valentine's Day the celebrations will be different, especially for those who do not live with their partner, needing to opt for alternative ways.

In addition, many people are buying online for the first time, which reinforces the importance of security, transparency, experience , and brand positioning.

Be sure to check out the complete survey conducted by Social Miner and Opinion Box!

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