Performance da loja virtual: 4 vantagens de terceirizar o serviço de monitoramento

Online Store Performance: 4 Advantages of Outsourcing Monitoring Services

When you are responsible for managing a small or medium-sized business, time is precious, and this is a hindrance when the results of your actions are not always immediate.

It seems tempting to personally monitor all the metrics responsible for the revenue, but this is a slow process and often not worth the time or money invested in the long run.

Especially in small teams with many responsibilities. Generally, the same employee accumulates many functions and becomes overloaded, decreasing his or her productivity.

So why not outsource specific functions to improve the performance of the virtual store? In case you still don't know how viable this option really is, here are 4 advantages of this service. Read on:

1. Reduce Hiring Costs

When you hire an outsourcing company, you do not need to recruit, retain, or train new employees. A good partner will have a strong, capable team from day one. This means having access to a whole team of experienced professionals at once.

In addition to saving on labor costs, your company has a whole structure of professionals to give progress to strategies focused on the performance of the virtual store that were stalled for lack of time or skilled labor.

It is a common practice to outsource accounting, recruitment, and legal teams. Why not do the same with e-store monitoring?

Of course, hiring an agency does not annul the internal work. It is necessary to have a specialist within the company to direct the goals that must be achieved in relation to the performance of the online store and increased conversion.

It is also not necessary to outsource all the functions, eliminating the marketing sector from the staff, for example. However, once a bottleneck is identified, having a group of professionals with expertise can save significant time in solving problems.

2. Have a Team of Results Experts

It is difficult to do things differently with a team of people who are stuck in old habits. New hires often bring new perspectives, but it's easy to fall victim to collective thinking, suddenly the collective unconscious is present, and soon everyone is unmotivated.

An external service provider doesn't fall into this cycle because they are simply in another environment. They are not affected by office politics, so they are not subject to perpetuate the status quo. In other words, you know your business best, but there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

Since results experts spend most of their time learning new skills and improving techniques and strategies, it's fair to say that they are constantly up to date and familiar with new tools and technologies that can increase online store performance.

3. Predict The Future

Joking aside, there are third-party companies capable of broadening their view of your business in such a way that it is possible to foresee situations that could negatively impact your business.

Big data, algorithms, scripts, automation... You probably know these terms, but you may not know exactly how to apply them in your online store. Qualified professionals in these areas are expensive and hard to find.

A professional or service of analysis and monitoring are extremely relevant parts in the performance of the virtual store.

Through automated behavioral pattern analysis it is possible to predict what your customer's next move will be or to identify errors and patterns that are causing you to stop selling. It can be a communication failure or even a constant error at checkout that went unnoticed by the team.

Some companies specialize in analyzing your site, looking for and identifying errors and correcting them. These tools work automatically, installing robots that monitor the site 24 hours a day and send an alert to the person in charge of the account the moment they detect an error, so that action can be taken.

E-commerce managers know how much it costs to attract a customer to their site. Losing that customer ready to buy because of a technical failure, besides being frustrating, is a waste of money.

The focus of this type of company is always on the performance of the virtual store. It is easier to get it right when we know where we are going wrong, isn't it?

4. ROI Focused on Online Store Performance

It's all about ROI. Whatever your sales strategy, ROI needs to be worth it. Even with effective in-house staff, sometimes the return doesn't justify the hours paid.

Your store may be losing money on bugs that can be easily fixed. Outsourcing web store monitoring automates tasks and allows professionals to devote their time and focus on tasks that require human evaluation.

It is worth remembering that along with payroll, there are also software costs. An internal team responsible for the performance of the online store will need access to at least one specific software, which usually comes with a high monthly service fee.

Some companies use flat rates for specific services, while others charge by the hour. But in both cases, you will find a major reduction in overall company costs.

Instead of having to pay for full-time employees, expensive software, and software updates, it is better to opt for an external team of experts that will do all the work of analyzing metrics and measuring results, leaving the manager responsible only for evaluating and making decisions.

Outsourcing this service brings more security, since strategic decisions and marketing actions must be based on numbers. With these numbers in hand, it is possible to make effective decisions that make sense.

Outsourcing, is it worth it?

For most small and medium-sized businesses today, outsourcing web store monitoring makes sense on many levels, mainly because of the flexibility and scalability it represents.

And it doesn't have to be one extreme or the other. A hybrid solution in which an external company like Testby works with your in-house team can be an effective approach to increasing web store performance and developing a sales strategy.

We can help you identify and define your goals, analyze your existing data, and use relevant third-party data to help create a strategy that works with your needs and sets your company apart from the competition.

Rely on our experience to eliminate problems with strategic mistakes and increase your sales! Contact us for a customized solution.

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