As vantagens de optar por VTEX Io no e-commerce

The advantages of choosing VTEX Io in e-commerce

Digital channels have developed in line with the advance of digital transformation digital transformationdigital transformation, bringing benefits and growth for companies, such as improved customer experience and increased sales.

For the results to be achieved in a satisfactory way, it is necessary to develop a smart intelligent digital strategyIn order to achieve the results in a satisfactory manner, it is necessary to achieve an intelligent digital strategy, offering experiences that can centralize information in a complete and structured digital environment for the user.

In this moment of constant digital evolution, companies perform better when faced with innovative strategies that offer more challenges than predictable patterns.

O e-commerce is widely used nowadays as a sales support channel in many cases with the potential to become the main channel for revenue generation. For this it is necessary to understand all the immediacy of interaction, engagement, and direct sales that these digital channels can influence retail.

The idea is that in the future e-commerce is treated as a feature within the digital channels and not the most important medium.

For the consumer, before the crisis there was already a search for differentiated experiences that were positive, influenced especially by good service, relationship, and communication of the sales platforms.

Much of this was enhanced during the pandemic, bringing in 2020, in the period of 100 days, the increase of 5.7 million consumers to digital commerce in 2020..

So it makes sense to think of e-commerce as a functionality that is part of a larger structure and unified by a good strategy, unifying the main needs of the consumer: purchase, experience, service, among others.

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With the global events of the last two years, the consumer experience has developed much faster than expected. Brand interactions and shopping experiences have taken extremely different directions than they used to.

This is why the use of platforms that can contribute to the improvement of the consumer's shopping experience turns out to be a great differentiator in the operation of digital channels.

The platform VTEX IO platform aims to improve the user experience during the buying process, making the choice of the size of the piece of interest more comfortable. The application offers the ideal size based on cross-referencing system data and consumer registration data.

A native application that can help business solutions with more agility and security. Focused on the user experience, VTEX IO is automatically tested and scaled, leaving aside major issues with updates - after all, the store interface is not dependent on back-end development.

To be able to develop a store with the help of VTEX IO, it is necessary to have knowledge in TypeScript, React, GraphQL, .Net and Node, as well as popular languages in the development environment.

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