Dicas para aumentar suas vendas em Marketplace

Tips to increase your sales in Marketplace

Marketplaces are a great channel for those seeking brand visibility, after all these sites have high visitor rates, great search engine positioning and a huge credibility among consumers.

In spite of having so many advantages, selling on Marketplaces can be a difficult taskselling in a marketplace, once your store competes with several others that work in the same segment and many times with the same products. For this reason, it is worth searching for differentials that to stand out among the competition and use techniques that will contribute to the visibility of your seller profile and your products.

Check out this article for some tips to increase your visibility on marketplaces and consequently your sales.

Use keywords

Starting with the primordial, keywords will help your page to be found in searches that use the same or similar terms to what you use in your product pages.

You can use segment, product name, model, functionality, as keywords, or even count on the help of a keyword planner, such as Google Trend, which will show you the most searched terms and help you improve the ranking of your pages on subjects that are relevant.

Use quality images

Good images will help your customer to have a better view of the product, you must understand that the images will be the closest contact with the product before the customer buys (and if he buys).

So invest in quality imagesYou should invest in a video, with good resolutions and that shows the product in different angles or even in environments to give a sense of proportion.

Many users stop buying on the internet because they do not have access to clear images of the product, do not lose sales by not being careful with the product photos.

Optimize SEO techniques on Page

Using SEO techniques can be very advantageous for your business, and when applied within the page structure of your site, it allows Google to find the pages related to your store within the marketplace.

Some ways to apply the technique:

  • Use friendly URL's that are short and easy to understand. Usually use the name of the product and its main characteristic such as color or model.
  • Build strategic content using the keywords you want to index your pages. Try to put relevant and complete content on your pages to reduce the chances of the customer needing to search on other sites.
  • Use alt images, describe the visual elements so that search engines understand what that visual feature represents.

Offer competitive prices

Having a pricing strategy is essential for your brand to stand out and for your company to avoid low profit margins. Low prices may gain buyers' attention, but they do not guarantee a purchase, much less revenue.

If necessary, use differentiated purchasing conditions, such as free shipping, gifts, discounts, and facilitated payment methods. For this, constantly research the market, understand your competition, and see what price is ideal to make your brand competitive and profitable.

Take care of your reputation

Your reputation will be an important point in the consumer's buying decision.

Consumers like to have access to information that will help them make a buying decision, this information ranges from product qualities to the reputation of the brand you are offering.

That is why it is important to invest in a relationship marketingEncourage the evaluations of clients who have already bought from you. Comments about the product and the quality of service will positively influence new customers to choose to do business with your brand.

Be aware of the service provided by your brand, delays in delivery, lack of stock, failures in after-sales service or divergent information negatively affect your brand and does not make it an attractive option to the consumer.

These are some basic tips for you to increase your visibility on marketplaces and start selling more on this excellent sales channel.

The role of the marketplace in online retail

We have prepared this e-book in partnership with VTEX, as a basic guide to implementing a marketplace, using the technologies of the VTEX platform.

In addition to understanding the marketplace concept and its growing role in the online marketplace, we will teach you step-by-step how to start selling in partner marketplaces and how to set up your own environment for sales from other sellers.

Download now the VTEX Marketplace Implementation Guide

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