VTEX Day 2022: confira o que rolou no segundo dia de evento

VTEX Day 2022: Check out what happened on the second day of the event

The second and last day of VTEX Day 2022 was closed with success!

Among the more than 8 thousand participants and the numerous talks that took place during the second day, with valuable insights for companies, themes such as omnichannel transformation, new payment methods and new VTEX solutions were highlighted and promoted unique experiences to those who attended.

Besides the panel of Sir Lewis Hamiltonthe greatest GP winner in Formula 1 history.

Our team also attended many of the lectures and visited the booths to bring you more about the main news and trends presented in this edition of the event. Check it out!

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Sir Lewis Hamilton - From underdog to leader: how to thrive against all odds and become a global icon

Lewis Hamilton VTEXDay 2022

Certainly, one of the biggest and most awaited attractions of the second day of VTEX Day was the speech of Sir Lewis Hamilton, the greatest Formula 1 champion, which received a standing ovation.

Topics such as diversity inside and outside sports, racism, and opportunities were highlighted during the talk. And it was possible to realize, at a certain moment, how the history of VTEX itself and the champion are somehow interconnected. Since both had to face great challenges in order to become a global icon.

According to Mariano Gomide, Founder and co-CEO of VTEX, VTEX needed to conquer the technology market as a Brazilian company in the face of so many big European names, while Hamilton, a black man from a humble family, needed to find his place in Formula 1 and reach the post of world champion seven consecutive times.

Sir Lewis Hamilton left valuable advice and lessons on stage at VTEX Day 2022.

Omni Transformation and the importance of stakeholder chain engagement

Making the transformation is not difficult, but choosing the paths for it. It is with this thought that Renata Vichi, CEO of the CRM group, talks about the importance of engaging all franchisees and creating a win-win omnichannel chain.

Under the motto "No limits are limiting"., the group sought to adapt during the pandemic to offer new paths within the sales journey, opening new communication channels between the brand and consumers, and also sought to intensify communication with stakeholders, continuously informing the digitalization process.

Currently, Kopenhagen and Brasil Cacau serve the entire digital ecosystem: online sales through the website, apps, sales through WhatsApp, delivery, etc. In addition, the introduction of other payment options, such as Pix, was decisive for the increase in sales.

By engaging stakeholders for the brand's digital transformation, the CRM group has as its next objective to use the physical to enhance the digital experience, so much so that Kopenhagen has inaugurated a concept store integrated with the digital, focused on the consumer experience. It is the first of the chain in a hybrid model with the coffee shop Kop Koffee.

Hands-On: VTEX payment solution

Among all the new features that VTEX presented during the event, there is the Payment Provider, one of the new releases this year that arose from certain points of complaint from customers and is being implemented little by little among partners.

PPP allows customers to connect to all available payment methods, both traditional and new (cryptocurrencies, pix, etc.), creating a communication standard interconnected directly to VTEX's payment protocol system. In addition, it also allows making connections with the local payment formats used in each country.

Another detail is that the retailer has the possibility to create a custom payment pattern through VTEX's 'Payment Provider' if it is not available.

What's new at the booths

The booths were also a separate attraction of VTEX Day, delivering not only information, but different actions throughout the event. New payment functionalities, such as the Pix in installments, offer customers new ways to make their purchases.

VTEXDay 2022

Nubank also presented its new feature, called NuPayintegrated with the VTEX platform. Available only for users of the digital bank, the NuPay payment option gives direct access to the Nubank application when closing the purchase, generating more security and trust for the consumer, and increasing engagement.

Decathlon VTEXDay

Decathlon, in turn, showed its sustainable sportswear line. The slogan of this new collection is "If everyone plays together, we take better care of the planet".. Materials such as recycled rubber, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Dope Dyed (mass dyeing, which helps reduce the environmental impact of dyeing associated with water) were used to manufacture its ecodesign products.

Want to know what were the main topics addressed during the two days of VTEX Day? Download now our ebook "Content Report VTEX Day 22" with the biggest highlights about new trends, technologies, innovation, new VTEX solutions and insights about the future.

Definitely, VTEX Day 2022 generated a plethora of invaluable insights to all who were present on both days, and were able to participate in the chats that took place.

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