VTEX Day 2022: confira o que rolou no primeiro dia de evento

VTEX Day 2022: check out what happened on the first day of the event

As the major milestone of the return of in-person events, the first day of VTEX Day 2022 brought together about 190 exhibitors, spread over more than 43 thousand square meters of the São Paulo Expo, located in Jabaquara - southern part of the city - on the side of the Imigrantes Highway.

However, besides the long-awaited face-to-face version, the event also made available online lectures so that the public could follow the edition even at a distance.

With a schedule of 56 talks happening simultaneously, VTEX Day attracted more than 8 thousand participants and promises to do the same on the second day (13). Our team is following everything closely, participating in the lectures, to bring the main news and trends concerning the transformation and innovation of retail, entrepreneurship and business.

National and international experts in various areas of technology and business world, brought incredible insights, highlighting issues such as the future of fashion ecosystems, the challenges of online retailers in conquering the global market, how performance directly impacts the customer experience and the new launch of VTEX, called FastStorethat creates websites with high efficiency and in less time.

Check below the summary of the first day of VTEX Day 2022 and its highlights.

FastStore: the new VTEX release

Dealing with low e-commerce performance and customer complaints, Carrefour made the decision to completely restructure its website. The major concern was to deliver a site with greater navigation agility, thus reducing the average waiting time and offering a better experience for users, stimulating the finalization of purchases.

In partnership with VTEX and using the FastStore - tool - which we have talked about in detail here on the blog - the restructuring of the Carrefour e-commerce brought the navigation agility that was a negative point, improving performance and offering an effective shopping experience to customers, solving their pains and increasing results.

An interesting point is that, during all FastStore's architecture designs, VTEX worked together with Carrefour, exchanging ideas and information throughout the project.

But this detail does not only apply to Carrefour, but also to all customers who, through FastStore, will have their online stores faster and benefit from a go-live with all the features they need to sell and suitable for their business niche.

The global ecosystem as leverage power

Our CEO Europe and VTEX's EMAE General Manager, Bernardo Hohagen and Daniela Jurado, together gave the talk "The global ecosystem as leverage power", talking a bit about the partnership of VTEX and Codeby regarding the challenges in conquering a global ecosystem and how the process of the company's expansion to Italy unfolded.

Introducing the market and gaining the trust of future customers, especially through word of mouth, are two points of great importance mentioned in the lecture. Adapting to some of the country's customs, as was the case in Italy, also proved to be primordial. Once details like this have a direct impact on the experience and relationship with customers.

The transformation of fashion ecosystems

Guilherme Reichmann and Tiago Dowsley talked about how Renner - one of the biggest fashion brands operating in Brazil - is positioning itself regarding the transformations of the fashion ecosystem for the next years. Today, more than generating customer delight, fashion companies must be prepared for the growing digital migration and predilection.

They also cited that both the role of leaders and companies has been resigned. Taking away impediments and giving investments to make the project happen, as well as taking care of employees is essential for the company to grow and achieve great results.

Besides digitalization and the trends that follow with it, in order to conquer an increasingly demanding and virtualized public, brands currently seek to align their values with the consumers' personal principles. Drawing a closer and more personal connection.

In other words, the company's social impact counts a lot for new consumers, because they prefer brands that are aligned with their vision of the future.

Codeby's booth at VTEX Day

Apart from the talks we attended during the first day, Codeby also made available a sensational program, such as the "metaCommerce" simulation, which attracted many visitors. At 5pm, there was a book signing session with the CEO, Fellipe Guimarães, of his book "Universe of E-commerce in parallel with the Chopp do Biro, a moment to relax and unwind after all the excitement of the event with good conversation.

The first day of VTEX Day 2022 yielded many interesting topics, isn't it?

Want to know what were the main topics discussed during the two days of VTEX Day? Download now our ebook "Content Report VTEX Day 22". with highlights about new trends, technologies, innovation, new VTEX solutions and insights about the future.

Stay tuned here on the blog, as we will bring you more great insights from day two. And follow usFollow us on social networks to follow everything that happens at the event in real time.

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