Papo de CEO: Você está vivendo em uma prisão digital?

CEO Talk: Are you living in a digital prison?

2020 was a year of many events in the world, which forced many people to adapt their lives to prevent their life and the community where they live. We are starting to live in a new era, where all people live the digital, whether working, ordering food, shopping at the market, or simply socializing and having fun at events and games, all in the online environment.

The rise of digital is influencing our lives, in a positive way, through the facilities it offers; after all, everything a person needs is just a click away. However, digitalization also brings negative aspects, and these are strong when working directly with the internet.

In my social circle, I constantly see people working excessively in order to keep demands updated, people performing several demands at the same time for not having enough staff to meet the work demand. And many times, this is added to the delicate scenario in the world economy, which causes uncertainty about having a job next month. These worries and overwork result in increasingly exhausted and overworked professionals.

Moreover, many of these professionals cannot disconnect from work because they are always online, it is the phenomenon called "Always On", where a simple factor such as a notification on your cell phone prevents you from disconnecting from work. It starts with a simple impulse to want to help, to always be available to solve problems, and this ends up becoming a habit that is harmful to the professional's health. This is because Always On seems harmless and even fun, but over time it can progress to burnout.

What we learn from this is the need to be aware of our own limits, to reflect on how our days are going, if everything is just about hitting targets and being more and more productive or if there is some enjoyment of life, if there is quality time in your routine.

Why did I decide to write about this subject? Simply because, in the last few days, I realized that I was in the "Always On" mode, and I stopped to realize that my wife was too, that my friends, clients and partners were too. In a conversation with one of my clients, he told me "I am living this and I can't stop to think how I am holding it together.

We need to stop and think about whether the way we are living is being positive or if it is just consuming our time, physical and mental health. Is it worth spending so much time online? Whether it is having fun or working, or just answering a message about the project you will start next Wednesday? Can't you spend a weekend, or your free time not thinking about it, just enjoying the company of your family, friends, doing some activity you like, or indulging in a hobby you had when you were younger, but which has been lost over time because of how crazy your routine has become.

Think about how you are living your life, seek professional help to help you deal with the "Always on" and/ or Bourn out, but don't stop living an amazing life because you are digitally stuck.

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