O que se busca na digitalização das empresas através do omnichannel

What is sought in the digitalization of companies through omnichannel

With the global events of the last two years, the consumer experience has developed much faster than expected. Interactions with brands and shopping experiences have taken different directions than they used to.

In 2022, an Accenture survey recorded that 50% of global consumers say that the pandemic has made them re-evaluate their purposes about what is really important, referring to different aspects of the way we lived, worked and shopped just two years ago.

In a highly competitive market, personalized personalized service has become synonymous with customer loyalty. 72% of consumers who have started to re-evaluate their purchases say they expect the companies they do business with to be able to understand and address their needs more attentively.

While 50% of these people point out that numerous companies have disappointed them by not providing immediate attention, support and understanding of their needs during the difficulties of the pandemic.

With the digital transformationmany consumers have started to pay attention not only to the items they buy, but have also become more demanding in terms of the model that will provide the complete experience.

It is important to adapt not only in times of crisis, as was the case during the pandemic. What is correct is to say that what is needed is innovateThe right thing to do is to innovate, to offer shopping and pick-up experiences for the consumer, to connect channels and orchestrate orders, stock and logistics to guarantee the best cost and benefit for the operation.

As a result, the need to need to migrate or expand the business into the digital environmentin addition to empowering sales teams by reinforcing Customer Experience in the name of offering a unique and personalized service, regardless of the channel, so that customers can be more satisfied.

Evolution towards omnichannel

With all the changes that have taken place and transformed the multichannel relationship between customer and store into an omnichannel relationship, the evolution of online retail has further instigated improvements to the customer experience.

When we think of multichannel architecture, where each channel communicates independently with the store, be it e-commerce, physical stores, customer service or social media, when the customer interacts with one of the channels, the store has no knowledge of who the customer is.

If the store evolves to an omnichannel architecture, customer data is shared across all the store's channels, be it e-commerce, the physical store, Customer Service, etc. Thus, when a customer interacts with the store for the first time, and then returns to interact with a new channel, the store already knows who that customer is, what their order history is and their purchasing profile.

In omnichannel, on the other hand, orders are processed in isolation. Orders placed in the online store remain in the online store, while those placed in the physical store remain in the physical environment, and so on. An order placed on one channel cannot be completed on another - that's why Unified Commerce exists. Unified Commerce.

In turn, Unified Commerce is an evolution of omnichannel, which in addition to sharing data, unifies the order processing and management system.

In practice, this means that all orders in a given physical store channel will not only be visible to other channels, but can also be processed by them.

Among the scenarios that Unified Commerce makes possible:

  • Infinite shelfThe customer can make a purchase in a physical store (or online) and receive it from the stock of another store, or from the main Distribution Center;
  • Mixed cart transactionwhere the customer makes a purchase in a physical store, picks up one of the products at the time of purchase and receives the others at home from another stock;
  • In-store pick-uppurchase through the online store and pick up the product in a physical store.

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