Por que utilizar o Fast Store para potencializar o seu e-commerce?

Why use Fast Store to boost your e-commerce?

VTEX, recognized for being a leader in the e-commerce sector, thought of a tool that could get online stores up and running faster and in a simple way: FastStore.

More than making the developer's job easier, FastStore also benefits retailers, who will have their shops up and running in less time and with high efficiency.

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First of all, what is headless commerce?

The term headless commerce comes from English and means "headless commerce". Basically, it's a type of e-commerce in which the front-end, template or head, is separated from the back-end programming of the e-commerce platform used.

It's worth remembering that the front-end is the part of the site that is seen by the user when they access your e-commerce, i.e. the interface, the layout and everything that is accessible to provide navigation for your customer. The back-end, on the other hand, is the internal code that supports the system and provides the business rules in their entirety, being an internal management system where the programmers work.

A headless commerceallows easy installation and uninstallation of front-end components at any time, making the front and back-end autonomous.

For example, if you want to add a new feature, a customer service chat or a pricing system. This is possible thanks to API (Application Programing Interface) integration, which generates instructions that allow access and integration with third-party applications.

In addition, your store can access third-party apps or even create and integrate its own application, customizing the layout, design, business model and even the management of your e-commerce.

Why use Fast Store to boost your e-commerce?

Since the aim of FastStore is to get the site up and running more quickly, retailers can start their e-commerce in no time at all and have a quick go-live with the entire structure, as well as the functionalities needed to sell online and suited to their business niche.

Through the launch of FastStore, VTEX is seeking to maintain its current pillars in order to offer better solutions to its customers, with projects that have agile deliveries and quality.

Focusing on the following elements:

  • Performance: UX with excellent scores in Lighthouse and Web Vitals;
  • Stability: e-commerce does not lose sales due to problems with the provider;
  • Analytics/SEO: visits to the store generate a greater range of organic traffic.

VTEX already has a number of advantages as a platform for businesses of all sizes and types of operation, and with FastStore as a tool that promises to deliver on the processes of building e-commerce projects fasterwhich favors both developers and retailers.

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There are a few points that stand out when we talk about boosting an online store using FastStore technology that can become relevant when deciding which technology to use in your project. We'll talk about some of them below:

Agility in development

You may have already realized during this ebook that one of the most important advantages of FastStore is its agility in development. Because the entire structure and technology used in the solution is based on pre-configured components and brings together various ready-made functionalities, it speeds up the development process.

Projects that need to go live in a short space of time are totally feasible with FastStore, because we're talking about applications with hybrid and static rendering, with support for TypeScritp and route handling services, thanks to Next.js.

CMS Preview

When it comes to client-managed content, there are two possibilities within FastStore.

The first is the VTEX platform's own CMS, where you can enter the schema for a particular piece of content and stipulate how it should be registered and where this content can be located within the react components.

The other way is through integration with any other builder/cms platform, since Next.js allows this type of maneuver. An example of this would be integration with the builder.io website, where you could create complete pages with components that already exist and are available within the platform.

Performance and accelerated loading

The FastStore solution is in line with the expansion of the technology market, allowing the creation of increasingly robust projects that meet the demands of digitization, which are increasingly high, as well as being a solution prepared to receive high volumes of access.

When we look at performance, FastStore can deliver really satisfactory results, thanks to static pages that are much faster, improving the user's entire browsing experience. What's more, with each pull request it's possible to validate performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO points in the lighthouse.

The choice of NExt.JS technology is a movement that is attracting large global companies from different sectors, such as TikTok and Ticktmaster. By opting to use it, the VTEX Platform ensures greater agility throughout the entire project process, as well as targeting sales results, since several of the solution's positive points have a direct impact on online store sales.

Organic traffic optimization

Through validation at Lighthouse, we were able to see that projects using FastStore have excellent determining factors for a store's good organic ranking, as rhythm, structure and user experience are taken into account from the start of the process, which can have a positive impact on the site's rankings in search engines.

In addition, with the possibility of editing content managed by the client, SEO optimization becomes easier, making the store's pages rank better in organic searches.

User experience

The combination of faster development and a focus on performance, with optimizations in traffic and site content, makes a store developed at FastStore much more attractive to the end user, who will have access to much faster and more fluid navigation in their purchasing journey.

In addition, the freedom to customize apps and features adapted to business models makes the user experience more personalized and unique.

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