Yamamay lança seu novo e-commerce visando estratégia omnichannel

Yamamay launches its new e-commerce aiming at omnichannel strategy

Yamamay was created in 2001 by Gianluigi Cimmino and is a leading Italian brand in the production and distribution of lingerie, pajamas and beachwear products with over 460 franchisees in Italy and 100 internationally.

Its pieces blend comfort, technology, and functionality, adding to innovative design and materials, and the brand takes care to bring in its stores an engaging and emotional environment where the consumer can take full advantage of the excellent quality / price ratio of its products.

The scenario

Between 2020 and 2021 the fashion, food and personal care sectors, have identified new types of consumers, such as the contemporary consumer, fast shoppers, offline shopper, omnichannel shopper and digital first.

All these profiles contributed to the change in the strategy of many brands that are adapting their digital channels to meet the needs of these new consumers.

Believing in the growth potential of the underwear market and retail, Yamamay has always valued the strengthening of the brand's image and expansion inside and outside Italy. For this reason, it constantly invests in innovation in its sales channels, including its online store.

Thus, the brand sought our assistance to develop its e-commerce on a new platform, aiming at scalability and the possibilities of structuring its omnichannel and channel unification strategy.

The project

The project consisted of migrating the platform from Open Source to SaaS due to the limitations in the omnichannel aspect that the old platform had, in addition to developing a new e-commerce.

The technology chosen for the project was VTEX IO platformwhich is a cloud development framework that provides an exclusive microservices architecture and allows building high quality web software at a low cost. In addition, the VTEX platform has a complete structure to unify all sales channels, allowing the integration and building of unique experiences for the brand's user, providing the necessary support with omnichannel functionalities.

This project was developed to be a fast to market solution, it was idealized the creation of a template adaptable to two brands of the group (Yamamay and Carpisa), being used in 15 binding with 5 different languages.

The great challenge of this project was to develop a template that could be easily used by both brands. In addition, all the site's blocks were developed in a differentiated way, always allowing translation in any binding. With the change of platform, the client can activate as many bindings as desired, since it has greater ease in manipulating any text on the front-end through the site editor or the VTEX translation app.

Some custom functionalities were necessary to optimize the user's navigation experience, such as:

  • Codeby Buy Kit: An App to render and configure a kit storefront on the buy page.
  • Shop the Look: An App that allows the user to buy a complete look from the photo, ideal for fashion brands.
  • Codeby Category Menu: Manual menu, allowing the shopkeeper to edit, insert and delete category options in the menu.
  • Codeby Gift card: App for selling gift cards, as well as structuring what is needed to be used as a payment method.
  • Codeby Landing Modular: App that facilitates the creation of Landing Pages in the website editor, through pre-designed modules, giving more autonomy to the merchant.
  • Codeby Store Locator: App that shows the location of all the brand's stores, signaling those closest to the user's location.
  • Free Shipping Bar: Shows the user a kind of freight ruler, to let him know how much is missing for him to get the benefit.
  • Country Selector: Serves to automatically identify which country the customer is accessing the site from and if necessary make a change.
  • Personnalisation app: Allows product customization by the user on the product page, showing the customer available color, print and size options, as well as providing a field to upload own options.

In addition, together with Yamamay's legal team, adaptations to the login, my account, newsletter and checkout were made to make the site 100% GDPR (Europeria version of LGPD) compliant.

The result

We delivered a modular site that can be easily expanded to other markets, with legality implementations for GDPR compliance.

SEO points, tags and elements were adapted for better results in Google, which contributed to an SEO score of 100.

When it comes to performance, the site shows great results in the main metrics, such as Indexation Speed with loading time of 6.0 seconds, First Content loading in 0.8 seconds, and Largest Contentful Paint loading in 0.9 seconds.

The choice of platform had a positive impact on the structuring of the brand's omnichannel strategy, since it has all the necessary structure to unify its channels.

The result can be seen at https://www.yamamay.com/it_en/

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