Seu e-commerce não vende, e agora

Your e-commerce site doesn't sell, now what? Here are some tips.

We are facing one of the biggest crises seen in the modern world, a virus that we are not sure how it came about, let alone how it is going away. But what does this have to do with your e-commerce?

I've been following several experts talking about the growth of e-commerce, or how the online market is an opportunity for many businesses to continue existing during the crisis, but many retailers are not experiencing this growth.

It is at this moment that many wonder what they are doing wrong, or even blame the crisis for the drop in sales, which may be true if what you are asking yourself is not "How does the public see a product in my e-commerce?" As many know, the vision that the consumer has of a store is quite different from the one we create when we are in the storekeeper position, and at this time when the consumer is changing his habits and way of buying, effectively understanding this vision and evaluating your business is essential to achieve growth in this period.

In times of crisis, financial instability, people are buying fewer items, considered superfluous. So your store needs to be even more attractive, to make your products awaken a strong desire to buy in your customer. Online, we can not give our customer all the arguments to buy, we have to use other tricks to convince the customer, below, I listed some points that can be worked in an online store.

Store Navigation

The navigation must be intuitive so that the customer can find exactly the product he needs.

An interesting method to do this is to study the category tree, where the customer can navigate according to his search, avoiding frustrations such as searching for a cleaning item, and coming across electronic products.

By making a category tree intuitive, the navigation and search for products will be more effective for the customer.

Product Image

As much as online is a strong trend in retail, we are still very used to physical commerce, and when we are in a store, we have more contact with the product. In an online store, this contact needs to be enough for the customer to feel the sensation of knowing everything about the product.

Through product images, it is possible to show details and give a sense of proportion. Some features on the product page, such as videos, can intensify the customer's contact.

Another way to achieve this proximity is through content about the specifications, ways of use, and the advantages of the product so that your customer feels that this product makes sense to him.

Product description

You know the content I mentioned above, it can be included in the product description and be the perfect opportunity to put all your sales arguments.

Don't just stay in the text, make a nice presentation of the product, with images introducing the product in the customer's routine.

Always put the product specifications so that the customer understands if that product is what he is looking for for his needs.

Simplified Checkout

Your store's buying journey should be simplified so that the customer completes smoothly on their way to purchasing the product they want.

Remove all elements that can serve as distractions in your checkout, prefer clean pages without advertisements that can take the customer away from the focus of the purchase. Also, try to offer simple forms, without asking for too much information.

And if you need a lot of information from the customer, divide your form into steps and let your customer know about them through a process bar, for example.

These simple checkout adjustments can prevent cart abandonment.

Shipping time and price

In numerous surveys it is possible to understand that the biggest motivation for cart abandonment is due to shipping conditions. We who have contact with logistics processes, know that in our country, many macro-environment conditions influence the price and delivery time.

Many companies have used longer delivery times than they really are to ensure customer satisfaction, but in the current scenario, such practice can reduce the customer's impulse to buy, since the needs have become more immediate.

If possible, look for alternative delivery methods that prioritize as little human contact as possible. Some startups in the industry already have creative delivery methods that can help your business deliver faster, safer, and more cost-effectively to your business and customer.

These are some tips that can help your e-commerce to continue generating revenue in the midst of the crisis. Did you like the article? Let us know what you think.

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