Seu e-commerce está de portas abertas para todos?

Is your e-commerce open for everyone?

Understand how digital accessibility can help you win new business opportunities!

When it comes to e-commerce, there are many factors that can boost or slow down your sales and, consequently, your profitability. One of them is how open your e-commerce site is for everyone.

Few companies know that a site needs to be accessible, just like physical stores. However, we are not talking about ramps, accessible toilets and fitting rooms, elevators or circulation area. This refers to architectural or physical accessibility, but we are talking about digital accessibility.

The sites must obey certain parameters and rules established internationally according to the WCAG (World Content Accessibility Guidelines) so that all people have access to its content and can have enough autonomy to understand, navigate and buy the products or services offered in your e-commerce. This means that if your e-commerce does not meet the mandatory requirements of digital accessibility, it is not open to everyone.

It means, for example, that a person who is blind, who has low vision, who is color blind, or who has difficulty in moving his or her upper limbs cannot use your site.

The great advantage of working with the Internet is its universality. There are no barriers in the online world. But is this a fact? Is access equal? The lack of digital accessibility ends up reinforcing inequalities, even more so in these times of accelerated digital transformation. We are increasingly more dependent on the web, both people and businesses.

But leaving out of your e-commerce so many people for lack of digital accessibility ends up being much more than a social problem, or lack of social responsibility, or even non-compliance with the Brazilian legislation (Brazilian Law of Inclusion 13.146/2015 article 63 which requires every website to be accessible for people with disabilities according to the best practices and accessibility guidelines adopted internationally). It is also a huge loss to generate positive social impact, improve the institutional image of the company and generate business opportunities.

In Brazil alone, more than 60 million people have some degree of difficulty in accessing websites. The reasons are varied and range from connection problems to lack of digital accessibility.

As you read this text, there are

  • 45.6 million people in our country with some kind of disability;
  • 11 million illiterate people (about 7% of the population);
  • 27% of the Brazilian population is functionally illiterate;
  • Thousands of people without access to computers and fast connections;
  • Millions of elderly people and people recovering from surgery, etc;

All of them face different degrees of difficulty in accessing internet sites.

Consequently, 60 million people are still outside e-commerce and the facilities that the web has brought to our daily lives.

The solution starts with digital accessibility

Digital accessibility is the set of norms that regulate access, so that it is effective, enabling navigation and understanding by all who are there, independently and without major difficulties.

Through digital accessibility it is possible to bring new consumers to e-commerce, people who, until then, did not understand or could not navigate within a given space on the web.

Besides promoting more inclusion, this is the way to open the internet doors to true universality.

To make your site accessible, it is necessary to implement simple solutions that modify the navigability, making it "editable" by those who are accessing the site. However, it is not an easy task to change every space of your e-commerce, without causing changes in the layout and identity of the site.

And that's why, when it comes to digital accessibility, the best solution is to rely on companies that have cutting-edge solutions with easy implementation and user access.

How to make your site more accessible

Investing in digital accessibility can generate numerous benefits for your company, ranging from the opportunity to diversify your audience, build customer loyalty and improve brand visibility to being in compliance with the Brazilian Law of Inclusion (LBI) and international standards. But how to take the first step?

Relying on an automatic digital accessibility tool can be a great option. The Israeli technology EqualWeb, for example, makes your site and its digital content accessible, without changing the look and feel of your website.

So if you have an online store, you can rest assured. Your site will not undergo any changes in design or page structure. 31 features are installed, ranging from text reading to voice commands, which will be triggered only when the user wishes.

The reality is that today only 0.74% of the sites in Brazil are accessible. Around here the mathematics is simple: those who include, are already ahead. So why stay out of this?

Learn more about Equal Web Brazil

Equal Web is an Israeli technology, considered the best global solution of Digital Accessibility for internet sites, turning any site into an accessible environment for people with specific navigation needs, such as people with visual and motor disabilities or the elderly, besides making the site fully compliant with the Brazilian Law of Inclusion (LBI).

Only in Brazil about 60 million people need some resource to navigate through the sites, and Equal Web's solution automatically adds 26 resources to the site, making it totally accessible according to each customer's needs.

The time needed to make your website accessible, after hiring the License of use, is just a few minutes, without any need of developing lines of code, without interfering in absolutely nothing of the site, without the need of maintenance and at a super accessible cost.

Making your site accessible is now very simple with EqualWeb. Access the site to know the plans

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