3 inovações da indústria da moda no digital

3 innovations of the fashion industry in digital

O varejo de moda vem passando por uma intensa transformação desde 2020 por conta da pandemia e das mudanças que vieram e transformaram o mercado, a forma de consumo e muitos outros aspectos do cotidiano no comércio de artigos de moda.

A tecnologia se tornou uma poderosa aliada das empresas que estão transformando seus canais de vendas; a importância de aliar tecnologia e experiência tornou-se imprescindível para um contato mais pessoal com o produto e uma experiência do usuário o mais completa e próxima possível da forma oferecida no comércio físico.

Nos próximos tópicos você vai conferir algumas inovações que já estão sendo inseridas no varejo digital do setor de moda, e como são tendências que vieram para ficar .

NFTs e moda virtual

NFTs, which stands for "non-fungible tolkiens", are virtual goods that a person can buy and just wear in the cloud. A good example of this is the Virtual 25 sneakers launched by Gucci in March 2021 in partnership with the technology company Wanna. It costs about U$12 and can be worn on the brand's own app and on the virtual platforms Roblox and VRChat.

Being an NFTs product, the sneakers can only be worn in virtual environments created especially for them, which is why NFT is so tied to extended reality, to extend the real-life experience.

And if you believe that NFTs are not a promising trend, just turn your gaze to the new generation of young people and their habits, it is already possible to see that video games are in themselves an extended reality environment, being possible to buy skins, accessories, build avatars and interact with people while playing. Some brands have already observed and found interesting ways for brand exposure, as is the case of Louis Vuitton that launched a collection to be sold in the League of Legends game.

Metaverse and the fashion experience

The Metaverse is a trend that has been gaining attention from brands all over the world, as it is a virtual environment of interactions with great potential for consumption. Companies like Snapchat and Facebook are investing heavily in building metaverses.

In fashion, the metaverse can help personalize communication experiences, besides creating new spaces for campaign production and reducing waste through virtual stores, which can even be used for on-demand production.

The Soma Group, through the Farm Na Nuvem project, created a virtual environment in which its clients can walk through the brand's store as if they were on Google Street View, besides being able to choose items and close the purchase right there in the virtual environment. According to Technology Director Cris Barros, the brand is already conducting tests with technologies that allow its customers to try on clothes through augmented reality.

3D digital design in fashion e-commerce

One of the difficulties of shopping for clothes and accessories online is the impossibility of trying on pieces, of knowing how those clothes will look on your body, which motivates many consumers to choose not to buy through digital channels.

Thinking about this need, motivated by the fact that the consumer cannot go to a physical store, the brand saw an opportunity for innovation that not only meets this consumer need, but is also sustainable.

The 3D Digital Design, basically consists of three-dimensional clothing models with a realistic look that mold to the consumer's body, besides showing combinations for that piece. In addition, it has the proposal to be sustainable, so the piece only goes into production after the purchase.

One of the main companies that are betting on this technology is Tommy Hilfiger, which will start in its spring collection in 2022.

What has never stopped being a trend in fashion retail?

What will always be a trend for retail in totality is customer service, product variety, faster deliveries. These are already requirements to succeed online.

Looking at the fashion industry, customer service and fast delivery already catch the attention of consumers who are looking for convenience and don't mind paying more for shipping if it means more extra benefits.

And of course, the way your brand handles your customer data will also be important. Online we have access to a lot of information that is interesting for personalizing customer service and even making more targeted purchases.

It's up to your company to understand how to use this data within your strategy, without hurting the customer's privacy.

If you want to understand how your e-commerce can innovate its experience through technology, Codeby can help you find the best way to evolve with all the focus on performance and usability. Want to learn more? Contact our experts.

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