Tudo sobre o omnichannel no mercado de Farma

All about omnichannel in the Pharma market

Omnichannel is a communication channel integration strategy that has been gaining more and more space in the Pharma market. This approach seeks to offer customers a more unified shopping experience, allowing them to choose the channel that best suits their needs.

According to a study by IQVIAthe digital channel is the fastest growing in the pharmaceutical sector, with a 22% increase in 2020 over the previous year. This demonstrates the importance of investing in omnichannel strategies strategies to remain competitive in the market and meet the expectations of consumers, who increasingly seek convenience and practicality when making their purchases.

In this text, we will address the main aspects of omnichannel in the the Pharma marketmarket, highlighting its advantages for both pharmacies and consumers.

First of all, what is omnichannel?

Omnichannel is a integration strategy of communication channels communication channels that aims to offer a unified shopping experience to the customer. In practice, this means that the consumer can make his purchases through various channels, such as physical stores, websites, social networks, and applications, among others, and have an integrated and consistent experience in all of them.

The idea is that the customer can choose the channel that best suits his needs, without harming his shopping experience. This is possible thanks to the integration of sales and customer service systems, which allow information and customer history to be shared across all channels.

In this way, omnichannel seeks to offer convenience, convenience and personalization at the time of purchase, increasing customer customer satisfaction and, consequently, improving the results of companies that adopt this strategy.

How is Omnichannel used in the pharmaceutical sector?

In the pharmacy sector omnichannel can be used in several ways to improve the customer's shopping experience. Some of the key strategies include:

  • Online purchasing with in-store pickup: Customers can buy products online and pick them up at the physical store, saving time and avoiding lines.
  • Home delivery: The customer can make the purchase over the internet and receive the products at home, with convenience and practicality.
  • Purchase at the store with products picked up at other locations: The customer can buy in the physical store and pick up the products at another location, such as at a pharmacy in the same chain.
  • Use of applications: Apps can be used to shop, check prices and promotions, check product availability, and schedule deliveries or pickups.
  • Unified customer service: Customer service can be integrated across all channels so that the customer can have a consistent and personalized experience regardless of the channel chosen.

These strategies allow pharmacies to offer a seamless shopping experience experience, increasing customer satisfaction and, consequently, improving business results. In addition, omnichannel can help build customer loyalty, as customers have more purchasing options and more convenience when it comes time to purchase their products.

Accelerating the digital strategy: Understand how we structured the new Extrafarma website adding omnichannel strategy and marketplace in

The pandemic contributed to the increase in online demand in the pharmaceutical sectorThe pandemic has contributed to the increase in online demand in the pharmaceutical sector, since consumers have changed their habits, giving preference mainly to online purchases. During the first quarter of 2020 the growth of users searching and accessing online pharmacy was 17%.

In the case of Extrafarmaits sales were made exclusively in physical stores, and with the pandemic scenario imposed by COVID-19, it was defined that it would be necessary to create an E-commerce to meet the new consumer demands.

Added to the need to continue selling in the midst of the lockdown imposed by the health agencies, Extrafarma's management understood that to keep the business operating it would be necessary to accelerate the channel expansion plan that had already been studied in recent years, motivated by the category's growth in online channels.

Therefore, in partnership with Codebywith the main goal of starting its first online sales channel in a short period of time, the project was structured in prioritization steps, focusing on quick go-live, best usability practices custom functionalities, marketplace and omnichannel.

The result? We developed a complete e-commerce with go-live in just 15 days ensuring that Extrafarma could sell during the pandemic and start the process of digital transformation of its channels.

Read this complete case and understand the whole process, strategies and insights behind the results.

If you are looking for expert guidance in choosing the ideal platform for your pharmacy e-commerce, do not hesitate to talk to our experts. Based on your specific needs and goals, we can help you boost your business. Contact us now to learn more!

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