Como o PIX tem influenciado o e-commerce

How PIX has influenced e-commerce

Pix has become one of the most used payment methods by consumers. Speed and practicality are factors that have helped popularize its preference when it comes to making purchases.

This is because Pix facilitates checkout in both physical stores and the virtual world.

As a result, numerous retailers have included Pix transactions as a payment method in their businesses, taking advantage of the faster process to build customer loyalty and, consequently, offer a better experience. A strategy that has shown promise.

However, it is not only the customer who benefits by making payments through Pix, the retailer also feels the impacts of incorporating this alternative directly into sales.

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How does Pix work?

Como o Pix funciona

Pix is nothing more than an instant payment. You can pay or receive payments immediately. No costs or bureaucracy, the amount goes straight to your account.

The transactions are carried out electronically and through the following options:

  • Static or dynamic QR Code;
  • Address key (CPF, CNPJ, e-mail, cell phone number);
  • Payment by approximation, such as NFC (Near-Field Communication).

Due to its ease of use, the Pix is gradually being incorporated into various types of stores, with great prominence in e-commerce, where it has become a differential that attracts more and more consumers for being a method that brings together practicality and security.

The impacts of Pix in e-commerce

Os impactos do Pix no e-commerce

It is estimated that about 61.4% of Brazilians use Pix, and this number is expected to grow in the coming years. Adhering to this payment method in your e-commerce provides numerous advantages, for example

  • Decreased queues in the physical store;
  • Reduction in the cart abandonment rate at the online store;
  • Speed in payment confirmation;
  • Direct transfer of the value to the account;
  • Democratic method: compatible with all business models;
  • High availability: payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Make instant payments between different institutions;
  • Among others.

Being a faster and more practical way to make a purchase, Pix also impacted the logistics and shipping process of e-commerce products. After all, the faster the payment is confirmed, the faster the product will be shipped to the customer.

But the impacts of Pix on e-commerce do not stop here.

More secure information flows, more savings and better cash flow are among the advantages that retailers find when adopting this payment method in e-commerce.

Because it is managed by Bacen (Central Bank of Brazil), the transactions offer the necessary security for both sides, besides being a more economical option - since instant payment works with small fees for operating with fewer assets.

The improvement of the cash flow, in turn, occurs because the transactions made via Pix are recorded electronically, which helps in the control and organization of the budget.

How to implement Pix in your e-commerce

Como implementar o Pix no seu e-commerce

To include Pix in your e-commerce store, you need to contact the company that developed the site, or hire someone to implement this option in the payment methods.

Depending on the platform, the payment methods are already native to it. VTEX, for example, already offers the Pix option in the stores.

Here at Codeby, we use the VTEX platform to develop your e-commerce, with all the features you want and that meet the needs of your online business. Our team has an implementation certificate, proving that we are experts in the VTEX platform.

Besides, we have been in the quadrant MVP VTEX Partner for four years, where only companies with a solid knowledge of the market needs and demonstrate high capacity for sales and execution, in a balanced way, are admitted.

To evolve your e-commerce, count on Codeby's team. We are a technology specialist, focused on performance and usability that helps companies sell more on their online channels!

Contact our experts.

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