Fast Store: Como potencializar a tecnologia do seu e-commerce com a nova tecnologia da VTEX

Fast Store: How to power your e-commerce with VTEX's new technology

VTEX has developed a development tool aimed at optimizing and simplifying the go-live of a store. In addition to gaining competitive advantage, and boosting the performance of your site, the Fast Store facilitates the developer's work and benefits retailers by combining speed, performance and efficiency.

In this text, we will talk about how to leverage the technology of your e-commerce with VTEX's Fast Store, how to get it and its benefits in the online business.

What is Fast Store at VTEX?

The FastStore is a set of fullstack tools that operates in several areas of the project, allowing the fast and efficient construction of stores that use the VTEX platformplatform, with high performance.

The solution has significant resources, providing greater freedom of customization to developers, with the goal is to be a flexible and intuitive tool, without restricting developers to mandatory structures.

Within the tool there are different packages, such as the User Interface (UI) which consists of an independent CSS framework-agnostic library, which defines the behavior of React components through data attributes.

There is also the Software Development Kit (SDK), which is composed of an extensible state management library, responsible for handling all relevant states an e-commerce store might have.

VTEX's SDKs also offer analytics capabilities compatible with GA4 (Google Analytics 4), allowing developers to build advanced analytics capabilities for e-commerce and make informed decisions.

Finally, there is the Program Interface Package (API), which allows developers to connect to the e-commerce provider of their choice, creating interfaces to query products, collections and handle carts.

Boosting your e-commerce with VTEX Fast Store

With VTEX Fast Store you get performance optimization such as asynchronous content loading, resource compression, smart caching, and page pre-rendering. These strategies ensure that the essential elements of the website load quickly, improving user interaction and providing a better user experience. more experience.

With advanced features and a robust architecture, it is able to optimize all aspects of your online store and boost the performance and efficiency of your e-commerce.

One of the main advantages of VTEX Fast Store is the exceptional speed it provides. With the significant reduction of page load times, your website visitors will have a fluid and agile experience, which results in higher conversion rates and, consequently, an increase in sales. In addition, fast loading speed also improves your e-commerce positioning in search engines, boosting organic traffic and your brand reach.

Another benefit is its ability to handle high volumes of traffic without compromising performance. Regardless of the number of concurrent visitors, the platform maintains stability and speed, ensuring that your customers have a consistent experience even during spikes in demand.

In addition, VTEX Fast Store offers advanced customization and flexibility features. With the possibility to create personalized pages in an intuitive way, you can adapt the shopping experience according to the needs and preferences of your target audience. The solution also has integrations with various marketing solutions, allowing you to implement efficient customer retention strategies, promotions and loyalty campaigns.

Security is also a key concern of VTEX Fast Store. The tool is designed with advanced security protocols and anti-fraud features, ensuring the protection of customer data and the reliability of your e-commerce. e-commerce. This not only builds consumer trust but also keeps your business compliant with the latest regulations and security standards.

Meet the first store developed in Fast Store

The first store developed in Fast Store was a Codeby + VTEX project for Mercafé, it was an exciting collaboration that resulted in a new e-commerce design, aiming for modernity and proximity to the end customer. As a B2C (Business to Consumer) business model company, we focused on developing an engaging and agile shopping experience.

The Mercafé team, Codeby and VTEX worked closely together, sharing knowledge and ideas to enhance the Mercafé project and contribute to the continuous development and improvement of FastStore. The result has been an exceptional shopping experience for Mercafé customers, as well as valuable feedback to further enhance the performance and functionality of FastStore.

The project scores really good numbers in its performance, scoring 66 points in performancewith a first image loading time of 0.03 seconds. In accessibility the site scores 72 and best practices 83, while in SEO the score of 83 shows how well the SEO practices on the pages of the site are applied.

As we can see, the Fast Storeoffers exceptional speed, stability, flexibility, customization and security.

Leverage your e-commerce technology with Fast Store and get much more sales results. Talk to one of our experts and find out how we can help your digital channels.

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