Como promover o seu e-commerce no carnaval

How to promote your e-commerce in carnival

With Carnaval approaching, many retailers are concerned about the loss of sales in their e-commerces since the date ends up attracting many people to programs that disconnect a little from the internet.

Even though it is not a growth period for e-commerce, it is entirely possible to take advantage of Carnaval to promote your e-commerce, adopting smart measures to get the expected return.

In this article, we bring you some tips on what can be done to increase your e-commerce sales during the Carnival period.

How to sell during the Carnaval in E-commerce?

Carnaval is a period traditionally marked by travel, and with the easing of restrictions imposed during the pandemic, many people will be looking for quieter destinations or more exciting programs to enjoy the holiday in their own way.

With this, many consumers will be looking for travel packages, travel items, clothing and accessories, and much more. Your company does not necessarily need to sell items directly related to the carnival, with creativity your company can attract the target audience and have effective sales.

But how to expand your e-commerce sales opportunities during the carnival?

Marketing actions for carnival

Plan your communication campaign and marketing actions in advance to boost your online store even before the holiday. Create a campaign to attract the public, encompassing e-mail marketing, sponsored links, banner publications, social networks, even changes in the page layout or promotional landing page.

Having an efficient communication strategy coupled with a sales strategy can result in positive results from your efforts. Remember that in e-commerce, before structuring your campaign you must consider the logistics procedures so that your client does not have a frustrated experience.

Discounts, benefits, and advantages

There is nothing better than offering discounts and promotions to increase sales volume during the carnival, and other seasonal dates, and in e-commerce there is a plethora of promotions that can be used. So, program yourself and check your list of products that can enter this discount, or even understand the possibility of offering free shipping for purchases made during the celebration.

It is worth mentioning that it is a great opportunity to try to ensure that this customer comes back another time, creating a bond of loyalty through loyalty programs, or discount coupons that can be used in the next purchase, this type of action helps to attract new customers, win over the consumer in doubt and build loyalty who already buy with some frequency in your store.

Engage your audience on social networks

Social networks are a key to the success of any business, so much so that trends that use these channels not only for relationships but also for sales are gaining strength throughout the digital market. You can understand more about this subject by reading about Social Commerce and Social Selling, two trends that seek to transform these channels.

It is important to be aware of the relevant hashtags in the period to make your posts related to carnival. Attract your public in the pre-carnival with promotional banners or an exclusive action that allows you to engage your followers.

Invest in post-sales

Customer loyalty will only really happen if your e-commerce invests in a quality after-sales and customer relationship. Therefore, keep in touch with the consumer after receiving the order and try to strengthen your relationship and encourage new purchases.

Satisfaction surveys are excellent for you to discover possible flaws and improve your services. Ideally, at the end of each purchase, you should send an e-mail asking if everything went well and what you can do to make the experience even more pleasant. Besides getting valuable information, the consumer feels valued.

With these tips, your e-commerce will be able to leverage its sales during the Carnival and invest in customer loyalty that may come back to buy with your brand in other moments.

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