Como alavancar suas vendas online no Dia das Crianças

How to boost your online sales on Children's Day

Children's Day is a seasonal date that occurs on October 12 throughout Brazil!

On this day, children's guardians all over the country act as consumers of the entire children's market, shopping for gifts for their children, nephews, stepchildren, etc.

In Brazil, the forecast that the National Confederation of Store Managers (CNDL) and the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil) offer, is that Children's Day should move around R$13.68 billion in Brazilian retail in 2022.

Despite being a special date to celebrate children, not only children's products stores should get an increase in sales, but other business niches also have a chance to boost sales.

In this blog we will point out the importance of this seasonal date for the e-commerce and retail world, and share some tips regarding the best strategy to sell more on this day.

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The importance of Children's Day for your Online Store

For a few years now, Children's Day has shown remarkable growth in retail.

In 2020, the CNDL predicted revenues of R$10.87 billion, while the following year, the figure rose to R$10.93 billion. It was also recorded that not only the trade of children's products took advantage of heating up the sales strategies for billing on the date, but also all the other niches of the market take advantage of the noise on top of the holiday, to boost sales.

Data from a survey conducted by Social Miner in 2021 point out that 62% of people that year intended to gift people, among this percentage, there were also 4% of people who said they would gift themselves.

Gráfico sobre Dia das Crianças 2021

This shows that the opportunity of promotions can lead consumers to take even more advantage of the date.

Still about 2021, data show that at the end of the week leading up to Children's Day, online online sales registered a 57% increase in relation to 2020.

Among the most prominent sectors were:

  • Tourism and entertainment (46%);
  • Toys (30%);
  • Clothing (28%);
  • Bookstores (22%);
  • Games (20%).

Gráfico Áreas que mais venderam no Dia das Crianças

Another study conducted by Ebit | Nielsen pointed out that there were approximately 6.58 million orders between September 27 and October 11, with an average ticket of R$472.00.

Among the regions that stood out the most on Children's Day, we have:

  • Southern: 3.73 million orders;
  • South: 1.29 million;
  • Northeast: 1.03 million.

The survey also points out that 52% of purchases were made through mobile devices.

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How to sell more on Children's Day

As we saw earlier in this article, Children's Day promises to move a high number in the market. With this, e-commerce has been on the rise, bringing better experience to consumers and more convenience as well.

Here are some tips for getting organized for Children's Day:

  • Be aware of trends, offer benefits
  • If your digital store does not sell products in the children's niche, there are other ways to take advantage of Children's Day and boost sales. Confirm all the trends that are in effect and promote promotion campaigns with discounts, gifts, free shipping, among other solutions that can attract more sales for your business.

  • Keep an eye on communication!
  • A Facebook survey pointed out that currently almost 60% of children participate in the decision to buy gifts. Because of this it is important to invest in communication that must be accessible to the public.

  • Free shipping and express shipping
  • These are two very attractive options to offer an interesting benefit to the consumer. Many times a faster delivery also works with the anxiety that the consumer has when he leaves his shopping to the last minute. In this case, many people may be willing to pay more, provided they receive the product in advance.

  • Online advertising
  • Another key way to sell during this period is to focus intensely on online advertising. This is because most young people under 18 make purchases online, and digital sales on this date were significant when looking at previous data. So keep in mind that creating an attractive strategy for your audience, regardless of adults or children, is important to interact with your consumer constantly.

    These are some tips in the name of improving your sales experience during this very important seasonal date!

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