Conheça as melhores práticas para Mobile Commerce

Know the best practices for Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce, also known as M-Commerce, is a type of online store that is characterized by the sale of products and services through mobile devices.

It can be both an application (native, hybrid or web) and a responsive e-commerce, that is, as long as it has a specific version for tablets and/or smartphones.

In recent years, more than half of online traffic is made through mobile devices, especially smartphones. According to a survey conducted in 2019 by Webshoppers 41 by Nielsen IQ, mobile commerce in Brazil earned about US$5.2 billion. And it had a growth of almost 10 times in 2020, jumping to US$52.6 billion.

This shows the evolution of the cell phone, especially with the pandemic scenario that boosted online sales - about 72% of Brazilians made purchases through apps during the away period -, and its great importance for the retail segment.

Therefore, we have listed the best practices for Mobile Commerce, which will help you get a better use of mobile users and, consequently, leverage your sales.

Adopt uncomplicated payment methods

Mobile Commerce - meios de pagamento

People who use a cell phone or other mobile device to shop are looking for convenience. This means that complex payment methods scare customers away and increase the cart abandonment rate.

According to a survey by PYMNTS, a payment company, M-Commerce that features complex mobile checkout loses about US$236 billion in potential sales.

In other words, everything needs to be solved in a few clicks, always remembering that consumers who opt for mobile are looking for ease when making purchases.

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Make use of geolocation

Mobile Commerce - geolocalização

We have already talked about the importance of geolocation and how it increases the efficiency of e-commerceThis feature is also very useful when it comes to M-Commerce, although not all applications and sites use it.

Integrating geolocation functionalities enhances the user experience through their location, and offers customized solutions for that particular region.

It is also essential to consider whether the customer is moving or standing in one place (at home, for example), not just the location itself. If he is stationary, he will have more flexibility to browse through various products. Otherwise, the search will be for specific solutions.

Invest in sales through social networks

Mobile Commerce - redes sociais

Today, social networks are much more than channels of communication and interaction, taking second place among the biggest influencers of purchases. Consequently, they have also become great allies when it comes to increasing sales.

Although you have no control over usability, it is possible to attract potential customers and create interest in your products and/or services.

Instagram and Facebook are great channels to connect with your website or even do direct checkout, as they make it possible to create online catalogs.

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Bet on sponsored campaigns

Mobile Commerce - campanhas patrocinadas

Sponsored campaigns work as tools to promote your online store and also your M-Commerce, being powerful allies in winning and retaining customers.

One of the strengths of investing in sponsored campaigns is the possibility of segmenting the target audience. Using filters, you can direct the actions to consumers who are really interested in your offer.

What are the advantages of Mobile Commerce?

Quais as vantagens do Mobile Commerce?

M-Commerce is a rapidly developing modality, thanks to its unique characteristics and excellent advantages, such as portability, connectivity, and accessibility.

Considering this evolution, investing in Mobile Commerce is a great opportunity to captivate consumers who are tuned in and make purchases via mobile devices.

But the advantages of M-Commerce are not limited to this.

Check out some more of them below:

  • Integration;
  • Convenience;
  • Affordability;
  • Customized solutions;
  • Access to other markets.

To develop a Mobile Commerce requires planning. In addition, it is also necessary to take into consideration some important points in order to be successful in the endeavor:

  • Lightweighting: to ensure that customers have a lightweight platform;
  • Customization and available resources: to meet consumer demand;
  • Integration with other systems
  • Security requirements.

Mobile Commerce is no longer a trend to become a reality in the consumption practice of millions of people in Brazil and worldwide. And everything indicates that this business model will continue to be present and will become stronger than ever in the preference of customers.

So, did you like to know more about Mobile Commerce?

To develop your e-commerce, you can count on Codeby's team. We are a company specialized in technology, focused on performance and usability that helps companies sell more on their online channels!

Contact our experts.

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