Quais as vantagens de ter um e-commerce na Shopify?

What are the advantages of having an e-commerce on Shopify?

In recent years, the e-commerce market has shown great promise in Brazil. With the pandemic-driven digital growth in 2020, the country has stood out in the ranking of online sales growth.

With this, Shopify has stood out as one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the market. The company offers a number of advantages and benefits for those who want to sell their products or services online.

This means that having an online store is an entrepreneurial opportunity that can work out very well. But, to succeed you will need to do a good management and take some essential care, such as choosing the ideal platformThe main care would be in the choice of the structure of the online store.

The main care would be in choosing the structure of your shopping site. Thinking about that, we made this article where we show the advantages of choosing the Shopify platform.

A little bit about Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows users to create online stores to sell products or services. It is one of the most popular and widely used e-commerce platforms around the world.

With Shopify, users can create their online store easily, without having to have programming or design skills. The platform offers a set of integrated features, including hosting, security, payment processing, and inventory management.

Users can choose from a wide variety of themes and design templates to customize their online store. They can also integrate apps and extensions to add additional features such as marketing tools, data analytics, and customer service.

In addition, Shopify offers a mobile-friendly shopping experience for mobile devices, allowing users to manage their online store from anywhere and access real-time data.

In terms of cost, Shopify offers different pricing plans, allowing users to choose the plan that best meets their needs and budget.

In summary, Shopify is an easy-to-use and highly customizable e-commerce platform that allows users to create professional and efficient online stores in no time.

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The main advantages of having your e-commerce on Shopify

There are several advantages of having your e-commerce on Shopify. Below, we've listed some of the main ones:

Ease of use

One of the great advantages of Shopify is its ease of use. Even without advanced technical knowledge, it is possible to create a complete and customized online store in a few minutes, using the features available on the platform. In addition, Shopify offers a wide variety of themes and templates, which can be easily customized to suit your business needs.

Variety of Features

Shopify offers a wide variety of integrated features, including hosting, security, payment processing, and inventory management. In addition, you can integrate various apps and extensions to add extra functionality to your online store, such as marketing tools, data analytics, and customer service.


Another great advantage of Shopify is its security. The platform is completely secure and reliable, offering a number of features to protect both the seller and the customer. In addition, Shopify supports a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, bank drafts, and wire transfers, making it much easier for the customer to finalize the purchase.

Technical Support

Shopify also offers top-notch technical support, with a highly skilled team available 24/7. This means that if you have any problems or questions, you can count on efficient and responsive support to help you.


Another important advantage of Shopify is its integration with various tools and platforms. The platform is compatible with several digital marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Mailchimp, which allows you to closely monitor the performance of your online store and develop more effective strategies to attract and retain customers.

Finally, it is important to note that Shopify is a highly scalable platform. That is, it is able to keep up with the growth of your business, offering increasingly advanced features and functionality as your online store gains more customers and sales.

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