Como utilizar a estratégia omnichannel na plataforma VTEX

How to use omnichannel strategy in the VTEX platform

VTEX is an e-commerce platform that offers omnichannel solutions for companies in various industries. The concept of omnichannel refers to the integration and synchronization of different sales channels, such as physical stores, websites, mobile apps and social networks, providing a unified experience for consumers. It is this approach that omnichannel approach that VTEX omnichannel offers, with a strategy that seeks to provide an integrated and consistent shopping experience for consumers, regardless of the channel or device they choose to interact with the brand.

This approach revolutionizes the way companies engage with their customers, providing a more fluid and convenient shopping journey. As a result, consumers can start researching products on a mobile device, for example, and then continue the experience on a computer or in a physical store. Synchronizing the different channels allows customers to have access to the same information, promotions, and personalized experiences across all touchpoints.

This integration between channels provides significant benefits for consumers. They can research products, check availability, compare prices, and read reviews across multiple channels before making a purchasing decision. In addition, they can choose to receive their purchases via different delivery options, such as in-store pickup or home delivery.

This omnichannel approach also positively influences customer satisfaction by reducing obstacles along the purchase journey. Consumers have access to faster, more personalized service and can contact the brand through different channels such as live chat, social media, email, or phone. This creates a sense of continuity and convenience, strengthening the relationship between consumers and brands.

Check now the main functionalities of VTEX in omnichannel:

Physical store pickup:

In this model, customers have the option to buy online and withdraw the product in a physical store. This offers convenience, since the customer can choose the product online and pick it up at the most convenient time for him.

In addition, giving this option to the customer, decreases the amount of abandoned carts, because the deadline would not meet this demand, decreases logistics costs and helps boost sales in physical stores, increasing traffic and interaction with consumers.

Web Store:

This type of omnichannel allows physical stores to have an online presence, through integration with the VTEX platform. This means that products available in physical stores can also be viewed and purchased by customers on the company's site or application.

In this way, physical stores benefit from the extended reach provided by the Internet, while consumers enjoy the convenience of being able to shop both online and in person.

Profile System - Unified CRM

VTEX is one of the only platforms to offer a CRM module. Through Profile System, you can store any customer information.

When he is in the physical store, your salesperson can access this information and get to know all the customer's preferences, improving your service.

Multi distribution centers or multi stores with multi stocks:

With this option, retailers can make available an expanded catalog of productseven if they are not physically present in the store.

Salespeople can use mobile devices or self-service terminals to access the company's complete inventory and place orders on behalf of customers. This allows consumers to access a wider variety of products, increasing the chances of finding exactly what they want.

The advantages of these types of omnichannel from VTEX are diverse. Providing a more convenient and personalized shopping experience for customers, allowing them to choose the channel that best suits their needs and preferences. In addition, the integration between sales channels allows companies to increase their operational efficiency, optimize inventory, and improve order management.

With these actions, you can boost your omnichannel and you will be prepared to meet the public's expectations, offering a differentiated buying experience.

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